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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


DIY fashion is all about modifying what already exists in our closet.  Cutting up an old T-shirt and giving it an updated look is one of my favorite DIY projects. Today’s project is quite simple and is a great way to achieve a grunge revival look. By adding fringe to our tee, we get the benefit of pulling off the look with out having to worry about showing too much skin. If you don't care for adding actual fringe, the video below is a great tutorial on how to cut a tee to create the "fringe" look!
Here are the steps on how to add fringe.
1. This is going to depend on your size and how short you want the shirt to be, but I measured and marked with tailors chalk 14” from mid shoulder and cut straight across.
2. The great thing about jersey is that if you pull on it slightly it will hide any imperfections in your cutting.
3. Take a measurement of the bottom of the T and cut your fringe down to the correct size adding 1” to total measurement.
4. Beginning at center back pin the fringe to the bottom inside of the shirt overlapping ½”. (Be creative with where you place the fringe. Another example is shown in the photo below, around the neckline.)
5. Use sewing machine or hand needle to stitch the fringe down.  Fabric glue could be used instead if you’re not an avid sewer, just be sure not to over do it and allow the glue to seep through to the right side of the fabric.  Since jersey cuts clean and this is a bit of a grunge look I didn’t create a hem at the bottom, just simply attached the fringe to the underside of the jersey.
6. Wear and enjoy!

If you don't care for the fringe, you can simply cut the t-shirt to create the "look" of fringe.
Here's a great video on how to do it!

Hope these tutorials work for you!


  1. This really helped me make a shirt for a party.... thanks!

  2. I really enjoyed your video on how to make a fridge top! Super cool looking and just an FYI I am not young like you, but I love fashion. Great video. Going to go through some old t-shirts or buy some cool one from the thrift store to make me a couple of them. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Oh could you do a tutorial on how to braid the back of a T-shirt thx :D


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