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Monday, August 23, 2010


Topshop is one of my favorite clothing and accessories stores, I love the style and fabrics of the clothes. Each item is unique and beautifully made. The new Topshop collections can be found on and these are my favorite looks from each collection! 
What are you favorite looks?! Check out and comment below! 
Rough Diamond Collection
Into the Wild Collection
The Outsiders Collection
Dark Nouveau Collection

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


 Here are some of my favorite looks and trends straight off the runway for 2010!
If you do not keep a look out for trends on the runway, UrbanOutfits is a simple way to stay in tune with what trends you should be looking out for next! 
I always find it fun to wear the trends before everyone has them in their closet!
Block colors are huge this coming season! 
This amazingly structured yellow suit is by Akris, 
while Rachel Roy is responsible for this breathtaking turquoise number.
These two looks are probably my favorites so far for the fall season.
The Cacharel red and gold ensemble is perfect. It gets you from class, to work, then out for drinks in the evening. The flow of the fabric is so light and sophisticated.
Now for this grey goddess. 
I LOVE, this look.
D & G never cease to amaze me. 
The sweater, the leggings, the boots!
This look does no wrong in my book!
Again with the blocking! Red ruffle by Zac Posen and grey from Sonia Rykiel Ball.
I can't get enough of these ruffles! Not so keen on the velvet just yet, but it's growing on me! Definitely watch out for velvet though,it is most certainly another trend following in for fall.
I saved the most "interesting" look for last..
Is this really what headbands are coming too?!?!
What do you think??
Could you rock this GIGANTIC puff ball?!!