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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I was going through my closet trying to do some much needed early spring cleaning and I found a ton of stuff that I have only ever wore once or twice. Or worse, still had tags on them, so I wanted to share some with you! I'm determined to really get my clothes, shoes and accessories organized this year and give away everything I don't think I will wear again. It's so hard for me. I literally have separation anxiety with my clothes! I took 4 garbage bags full to my younger cousins and 3 full bags to Goodwill! So far so good! Here are some great jackets I totally forgot I even owned!
The first jacket is by Sele. I love this blazer for the leopard print lining and intense should pads. The second is a purple-ish leather jacket from Ashley B. Such a fun color, perfect for Spring. The third is a cream leather jacket also by Ashley B. Very structured and great pockets. The last is one I have posted once before hereThis amazing BeBe sequin and velvet jacket is probably one of my favorite jackets I own at the moment.
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